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How To Dominate Facebook Ads

How To Dominate Facebook Ads A question that gets asked a lot is “will Facebook Ads die?” I’ve seen this come up so many times. People that are learning Facebook ads are concerned that they won’t be efficient soon. Facebook user base growth from 2008 to q4 2016 is at around 1.9 billion. As you

How to Fix A Hollow Core Door

 How To Patch A Hole In A Hollow Core Door This particular hole was caused by a doorstop in which most cases it usually is. Hollow core doors are not very impact resistant so if you have hollow core doors in your home or place of business this How To fix a hollow core door

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets – Pro Guide For DIYers

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets – Easy Guide For Weekend Warriors And DIYers We always suggest that you hire a professional to do the job for you for multiple reasons which include experience and insurance of a quality job! But for those who want to know how to paint kitchen cabinets without a professional sprayer,

design a logo for your painting business

How To Create A Logo For Your Painting And Contracting Business

How To Design A Logo That’s Right For Your Business Your Logo is what customers associate your company with. It is what triggers their memory. It can have positive and/ or negative results. Depending on what experience the customer had. That is why you want to create a Logo for your painting and contracting business

how to stay busy during the winter as a contractor

How Do Painting Contractors Stay Busy During The Winter?

How do you stay busy during the winter as a painting contractor? Some states are fortunate enough to have painting weather all year around but how about those states that are not fortunate enough to have those type of conditions all year around? For some places like upstate NY, exterior work starts decreasing in late 

Personal Branding

Understanding Personal Branding

Personal Brandig, Why? You might just be the best contractor in your town , city , region or even country. But what good is it if nobody knows who you are? In any business word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get. Your main Focus therefore should be communication and building relationships. The

Home Depot Settles In Lawsuit

Home Depot Settles In Court

Home Depot Settles! NEW YORK Home Depot Lawsuit According to USA TODAY The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that the Home Depot has sold recalled products between 2012 and 2016. Home Depot has agreed to pay the U.S. government $5.7 million in a settlement  claiming that it sold recalled items such as washing machines, 

Linked in for professional contractors

LinkedIn – Learning The secrets to gaining awareness

Here are 10 simple but effective steps you need to take to gain better awareness and connections for your painting company   Step 1  Create a well-written profile that stands out. Summarize your business experience and differentiation. Readers nowadays are skim readers which means that a bulky text most likely will make them shy away from

Behr Deckover Lawsuit

Behr Paint Manufacturer Sued

Behr Paint Manufacturer Sued Over ‘Defective’ Outdoor Stain According to  An Illinois woman filed a putative class action on against the paint manufacturing company Behr Process Corp., alleging that its product DeckOver, which promises to be a weather-resistant coating for wood and concrete, was falsely advertised and does not last for years, but actually fails

Sherwin-Williams Color Of The Year

Oceanside SW 6496 is Sherwin Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year Sherwin – Williams Oceanside is the official color of 2018. It is  described as a “collision of rich blue with jewel-toned green.” The new “it” color just may boost creative thinking and clarity of thought, according to the company. Oceanside delivers an agreeable mix