How Do Painting Contractors Stay Busy During The Winter?

how to stay busy during the winter as a contractor

How Do Painting Contractors Stay Busy During The Winter?

How do you stay busy during the winter as a painting contractor?

Some states are fortunate enough to have painting weather all year around but how about those states that are not fortunate enough to have those type of conditions all year around? For some places like upstate NY, exterior work starts decreasing in late  October. And with the holiday season work can slow down tremendously or even come to a complete halt. 

For many contractors, this can be a scary time. Work stopped coming in but your bills haven’t. 

What Do You Do? 

Some professional contractors use this time to brace themselves for the upcoming “busy season” and close up shop entirely. Not everybody is capable of doing this and income still needs to be made. 

There are various options to stay busy in the winter and earn extra income if you are equipped with the right skills. Some painting companies offer to put up Christmas lights during this time. Others offer snow removal services. A few things you should ask yourself before getting into a new business offer are: is it profitable and can your crew handle it ?(considering you have employees).

Whatever the case is, you should start advertising your winter services at least 4 months in advance. Offer your customers early booking discounts. Customers are aware that contractors offer lower rates during the winter season so they are more likely to shop around for the lowest bid. That’s why it is important to value your customer relationship. Keep in touch! That will build familiarity and they will be less likely to call someone they don’t know.

 Here are some tips from 518Painters who are located in Albany New York where winters can get brutal. This is a video from their Youtube Channel and it talks about a few things they do to get through the “slow season