How To Create A Logo For Your Painting And Contracting Business

design a logo for your painting business

How To Create A Logo For Your Painting And Contracting Business

designing a logo for your painting and contract buiness

Your Logo is what customers associate your company with. It is what triggers their memory. It can have positive and/ or negative results. Depending on what experience the customer had. That is why you want to create a Logo for your painting and contracting business that is memorable.

Here Are 5 Tips You Should Consider When Designing Your Logo

Tip 1:

When creating a Logo for your company You want to “Keep It Simple”. Make it easy to read for your customers. Keep colors to a minimum. It’s suggested to use no more than 3 colors when designing a logo.


Tip 2:

Stay consistent. Choose a design that reflects your overall business. Figure out what your main Keywords are that relate to your business and services then integrate them into your design. If you are a new business, put some serious thought into your initial design.

Tip 3:

Make your Logo memorable. Simplicity will make it memorable but add an element that stands out as well. 

design a painting logoNotice The Roller Frame Is Part Of The “h”

(Logo @Fresh Start Painting Professionals)

People will notice and remember something unique in a design. 

Tip 4:

Don’t rely on your gut alone when designing your Logo. Ask around and get multiple opinions from people who have no ties to you personally. Friends and family will consider your feelings and tell you what you want to hear. A stranger will more likely tell you how it is.

Tip 5:

Shop around. There are numerous Freelancers that will design a Logo for you for a very good price. One resource you should take advantage of is! Here you can have your Logo created by graphic designers for one – third of what you would pay a professional but still get the same quality. Click here and type “Logo” into the search bar. You will be amazed by what you can get for as little as $5 – $20 US.