LinkedIn – Learning The secrets to gaining awareness

Linked in for professional contractors

LinkedIn – Learning The secrets to gaining awareness

Here are 10 simple but effective steps you need to take to gain better awareness and connections for your painting company


Step 1 

Create a well-written profile that stands out. Summarize your business experience and differentiation. Readers nowadays are skim readers which means that a bulky text most likely will make them shy away from reading your profile. Keep it simple! Tell them what makes your company special and why it brings benefit to them.


Step 2

Take good quality pictures. Not only of your work but of yourself. In the era of social media, people are accustomed to associating everything with an image. Pay a professional photographer for a professional profile picture if necessary. It’s worth the investment!


Step 3

Make sure that your potential customers can easily find your contact information. This is important so that the people who are not connected to you can get ahold of you. make sure that your profile is set to “public” or else your profile will not be visible to others.


Step 4

Chose the highest priority skill first in the skills section of your profile. You want to highlight you appropriate skills first then have connections to endorse you for those skills. It’s more effective to showcase only a few skills. That way you will be less likely to get endorsed for a skill you are less interested in.


Step 5

With over 1.9 million LinkedIn groups, you want to make sure you join the appropriate ones. Find people to join your network and send direct messages to the ones that are not in your direct network. Join 10 to 15 groups and start spreading the news about your business. make sure you keep up with your contacts because they are a great source of referrals!


Step 6

You will receive periodical emails from LinkedIn if you take advantage of their advanced people searches. LinkedIn will suggest a list of people who meet your criteria so take advantage of this free tool!


Step 7

Showcase your work in your Gallery. Post pictures, videos, links to everything that will show off your work in abundance. Give your potential customers a good look at what you have to offer.


Step 8

Have a well-written recommendation. It is your bread and butter and the best way to boost your reputation. Word of mouth is always your best advertisement!


Step 9

Always download your contacts and information. Save all your names, email addresses and any additional information in a specifically assigned folder on your computer or hard drive. It is essential for future marketing purposes.


Step 10

Dedicate time to building connections. If you don’t have the time then consider outsourcing it to someone that can handle it for you. There are freelancers that you can hire at reasonable prices if you do some research and your return on investment will be worth it!