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How To Dominate Facebook Ads

How To Dominate Facebook Ads A question that gets asked a lot is “will Facebook Ads die?” I’ve seen this come up so many times. People that are learning Facebook ads are concerned that they won’t be efficient soon. Facebook user base growth from 2008 to q4 2016 is at around 1.9 billion. As you

Personal Branding

Understanding Personal Branding

Personal Brandig, Why? You might just be the best contractor in your town , city , region or even country. But what good is it if nobody knows who you are? In any business word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get. Your main Focus therefore should be communication and building relationships. The

Linked in for professional contractors

LinkedIn – Learning The secrets to gaining awareness

Here are 10 simple but effective steps you need to take to gain better awareness and connections for your painting company   Step 1¬† Create a well-written profile that stands out. Summarize your business experience and differentiation. Readers nowadays are skim readers which means that a bulky text most likely¬†will make them shy away from